1. Highest Number Of Patents in the industry-

Toyota has a lot of patents with them. They have the record for holding the highest number of patents. The company has over 1000 global patents and its far ahead of any automotive company. The company’s patents increase as it brings in more developed and innovative technologies in the future.

  1. Toyota Invests about 1 Million Dollars Every Hour into their Research And Development-
Research And Development

The company always had a huge budget for its research and development because for them providing safety and innovative vehicles to their customer is the top priority. Every year, the company puts in more than 9 billion dollars into their Research and development. All these create new and innovative ideas, technologies and design. The company is striving to develop better safety features to make roads a safer place and also to keep their customers happy.

  1. The Korean War Protected the company-

When the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, the Korean war boosted the car economy. In June of the year 1950, the company made about 300 trucks, and the Korean war increased this number to over 5000. It helped the company to rebuild their business, and it began to thrive.

  1. The original name of Toyota was spelled with a “D” ( Toyoda)-

Toyota’s brand name has a long history to it. The initial name was spelled with a “d” after its founder Kiichiro Toyoda. It was then changed to Toyota due to the Japanese script as the spelling contained eight strokes. It was also considered as a lucky number in the East Asian Culture.

  1. The Leading Car Company in Hybrids-


The company’s Eco-Friendly cars are very popular among Toyota vehicles. It puts a lot of time and research into manufacturing quality hybrid vehicles. They are even the leading company for hybrid vehicles in the industry. Their main objective is to go greener. Toyota cares about the environment and wants to help others reduce the carbon footprint. The Toyota Prius introduced by the company is the very first hybrid vehicle. At present, there are more than 11 million different hybrids across the globe.

  1. Toyota Came to America only in the year 1957-

Toyota has an excellent history in the automotive industry. It was initially known for being a textile business called the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. In the year 1937, Toyoda’s oldest son turned the business into an automobile manufacturing company, and even the changed the name to Toyota Motor Company. He then traveled to the United States of America in the year 1929, where ideas of manufacturing the Toyota vehicle inspired him. He also believed that Japan needed to produce more domestic vehicles to boost their economy to support their war against China.