Car Lifts

Car repair and maintenance involves a lot of bending, kneeling, and lying underneath the car. That’s because most mechanical issues with vehicles, such as damaged or missing components, heavy corrosion, or transmission misalignment, occur in the frame and undercarriage. With a vehicle lift, car owners and mechanics can service a vehicle more easily and efficiently.

What is a car lift?

A car lift is a hydraulic machine that facilitates the hoisting of a car, truck, or motorcycle above the floor when there’s a need to access its underparts. It helps make repair and maintenance easier by providing the mechanic with a wider and more serviceable workspace. Made of high-grade steel, this machine can hold the weight of an entire vehicle. Some lifts, as an option, are designed for lifting only a portion of a vehicle, which is a practical choice if the repair needed does not necessitate full lifting.

A hydraulic car lift works on the principle that a force applied on one end of a contained fluid is multiplied as it reaches the other end. This is why even a slight push on the jack can lift a massive object like a vehicle. The body of the car lift must be stable and strong enough to transfer the load to the floor without breaking or toppling over.

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When should you use a car lift?

It’s obvious that the main market for car lifts consists of auto manufacturers, car service centres, and independent auto repair shops. Although this technology was primarily intended for car manufacturing, repair, and storage applications, now even private car owners have begun to have their own car lift setup.

Car lifts are also used to maximise garage space. Those who own more than one vehicle but lack the required floor space in their garage could consider setting up a car lift. This allows the use of the garage’s unused vertical space, which is an efficient way to protect one’s assets. Commercial centres that offer car parking spaces may also use hydraulic lifts as an alternative to long ramps.

What are the different types of car lifts?

On the lookout for the perfect car lift to add to your workshop setup? Here are some of the most common types you will see:

  • Four-Post – It has four hydraulic posts of equal height and a platform that can be raised with a vehicle on it to allow drive-in storage for a second vehicle below.
  • Two-Post – With only two hydraulic posts, this type of car lift is so much more affordable, space efficient, and versatile than a four-post car lift. Instead of a vehicle table, it has two arms (one on each post) that hold the vehicle up.
  • Scissor – The name given to this type of lift was based on its accordion-like mechanism found beneath the runways, which is also responsible for lifting and lowering the car resting on the platform.
  • Portable – As the name suggests, this type of lift is easy to pack and haul to a different location, unlike the previously discussed types which are usually stationary and too hefty to carry even on a heavy-duty vehicle.

There are a few other types of car lift but they are not as commonly used as those discussed above. If you are considering purchasing one or a set of units for your business or garage, make sure that your supplier is a reputable one like MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment. This is a top dollar investment so you need to be certain of the quality of the unit you will purchase to make the most of your new machine and avoid possible liabilities when that machine breaks down.


Car Lifts