Facts About Mercedes-Benz

We all about the famous car company Mercedes-Benz but Here are a few interesting facts about the company that you did not know: The first Mercedes-Benz brought in the modern automobile to the world-   Karl Benz patented his three-wheeled, Motorwagen in the year 1886, which his wife took on a 120-mile tour through Germany […]


Facts About Toyota

Highest Number Of Patents in the industry- Toyota has a lot of patents with them. They have the record for holding the highest number of patents. The company has over 1000 global patents and its far ahead of any automotive company. The company’s patents increase as it brings in more developed and innovative technologies in […]


Facts About BMW

BMW is known for is looks and power, we all know a lot about them but here are a few remarkable facts about the world-class car company BMW that you never you about: The Dixi was the first car manufactured by BMW- By moving into the automobile industry, the company bought the Automobilwerk Eisenach in […]

Facts About Tesla

Elon Musk has been with the company since 2004- Musk joined the company in the year 2004 where led the company’s investment round and chaired the company’s BOD. He also worked as the company’s controlling investor by personally funding the majority of series A capital investment with about $7.5 million. As he became the face […]